”There’s No Running Without Leaving”

Two works, two musical soundscapes and two sides of the same coin.
Short Cuts & Highways are two EP’s pressed on each side of a 12″ vinyl that will be released by HOOB Records on May 27th 2015. The music treats the concept of time. Time, with it’s appearance of different lengths. How we change over time, relate to time, make decisions based on time, live in symbiosis with time or simply try to run from it. The new music was recorded during the bright versus the dark time of the year and carries the obvious marks of bright sunlight or what the lack of it leaves behind. The swamp-electronic rock on Short Cuts grew from a hot and humid summer month in Montreal and the slower and abstractly dark Highways was shaped during a more Twin Peaks like january month in Gothenburg.

The new sound and music presented on Short Cuts /Highways is to be Josef & Erika’s most honest and sensitive recording thus far.


All music written and produced by Josef & Erika.
All songs on Short Cuts / Highways features Martin Öhman on drums and electronics.

Josef Kallerdahl – double bass, electric bass, organs and vocals.
Erika Angell – vocals, autoharp and organs.
Martin Öhman – drums and electronics.


Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 5.12.01 PM

”The colour of my heart” and ”Shortcuts” written by Erika Angell. ”All I remember” and ”All of his stories” written by Josef Kallerdahl.

Recorded and mixed by Mathieu Parisien at Studio 7032 in Montreal 2013.
Mastered by Sofia von Hage at Stockholm Mastering in Stockholm 2013.
Cover art by Brigitte Henry.
Album layout by Josef Kallerdahl.



”There’s no running without leaving” written by Erika Angell and Josef Kallerdahl. ”Under the sun” written by Josef Kallerdahl. ”Metals and ”Give in let go” written by Erika Angell.

Recorded by Martin Öhman, Josef & Erika and Rasmus Persson at Cellar Room studios in Gothenburg 2015.
Mixed by Pierre Girard at Studio 3 at Planet studios in Montreal 2015
Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Mastering in Montreal 2015.
Cover art by Brigitte Henry.
Album layout by Josef Kallerdahl.


We especially want to thank Martin Öhman for his extraordinary drumming and musical mind. With your absolutely original point of view and magical touch you’ve framed all this music in gold!

Thank You to all our loved ones, Nils, Simon, families and friends for your love and constant support. Thank you Mathieu and Pierre for your valuable addition to the music, Rasmus for helping us getting started, Brigitte for your beautiful art work, Sofia, Richard for your touch at the end and all of Martins family for putting up with us during recording.